My experience at BeautyCamp NYC has been nothing but amazing. The instructors were very helpful and made sure that I understood the techniques that they were teaching. Everyone was so friendly and made everyone feel included. I highly recommend everyone to sign up even to those that are experienced in makeup arts because there are lots of cool tricks and techniques that only professionals know that get taught. I guarantee you that if you sign up, you will enjoy it and find it very helpful.
— Amy Z. BEAUTYCAMP NYC I enjoyed learning new techniques in hair and makeup. But more importantly I learned how to not be afraid of certain characteristics about myself. Each characteristic is a part of one’s beauty. I recommend all young ladies to participate in BEAUTYCAMP NYC. The main purpose is to teach young ladies how to feel beautiful on the outside and inside. But most of all I had a blast learning numerous styles in hair and many makeup tips for upcoming occasions in my life. Who knew being beautiful can be so much fun!!!!!!!
— Janasia W.