Set in professional studios in midtown and lower Manhattan, New York City.
Taught by professional New York City hair and make-up stylists, producers and photographers.
I learned how to not be afraid of certain characteristics about myself. Each characteristic is a part of one’s beauty. I recommend all young ladies to participate in BEAUTY CAMP NYC. The main purpose is to teach young ladies how to feel beautiful on the outside and inside.
— Janasia W.

BeautyCamp NYC is designed for all girls. Girls that are sporty, funny, intellectual, artsy and girlie girls alike. This is a destination to explore and experiment in the world of hair, make up and skin care. BC-NYC is a one week seminar taught by beauty industry professionals, in a forum that provides fundamentals with expert guidance.  Our BeautySmarts philosophy celebrates the 'who' each young woman is becoming and provides answers to the questions they may have been reluctant to ask. Spend a week in a studio with our beauty Mentors and celebrate on the final day with a portrait photo shoot by our fashion photographer.  

Knowledge is power!

Standing up straight is beautiful.

Looking someone in the eye is beautiful.

Confidence is beautiful.